How to enable Remote Desktop in Windows 7

The Remote Desktop feature in Windows 7 can be used to connect remotely to other computers, so that you can control one computer from another pretty easily. Remote Desktops in Windows 7 have Aero and multi monitor support, and other enhancements you’ll love.

How to turn on and use Remote Desktop in Windows 7?

This is how you turn on remote desktop in Windows 7:

Click the Start button, right click on Computer and choose ‘Properties’. You can, alternatively, press the Win+PauseBreak keys together.

Remote Desktop Windows 7

Click on Remote Settings in the left panel of the Control Panel Window that pops up.

Turning on Remote Desktop Windows 7

In the new window that appears, make sure that ‘Allow Remote Assistance to this Computer’ option is checked. Also, turn on any one of the options mentioned as per your preference : either allow connections from your network, or any machine.

Enabling Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7

Click Apply, OK. You’re done. You have now turned on the remote desktop tool that allows any machine to access your Windows 7 computer.

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Windows 7 – Cannot copy files required for installation error

I recently received the “Cannot copy files required for installation” error (with error code 0x80070017) when trying to install Windows 7 on my PC.  After some investigation I found that the top 3 reasons this happens are:

1. The DVD you are using is corrupt.  If you are burning the ISO image to a DVD, you need to choose the lowest speed and be sure to verify it after burn (I used 4x)

2. Your memory may be playing up.  Run a memory test using the free tool from  Any errors reported need to be ironed out.  I simply took out 2gb of the 4gb my system had installed and this cleared the error.  I then re-inserted the memory when Windows 7 had installed.

3. Reset your BIOS settings to default and make sure you are not aggressively over clocking your system.

Good luck!