Happy 34th Birthday Star Wars

34 years ago, in a galaxy far far away, an epic trilogy was born.

If you were old enough, you may have seen the teaser trailer when it first came out. The trailer makes the film out to be quite dark with omnious music and threatening voice over. According the to the trailer it is “The story of a boy, a girl and a universe” and “A big spralling space saga of rebellion and romance”. It is also “Ahead of it’s time” (cue cut to C3P0).

One notable omission from the trailer is John Williams’ score. Presumably it had not been recorded at the time.

At MintTwist it is almost mandatory to be a Star Wars fan, and memorabilia encouraged at all desks:

Chewy and Boba play nicely

Chewy and Boba play nicely

Some MintTwist team members bear more than a passing resemblence to characters in the series:

Silvio and Luke

Silvio and Luke

Silvio Rainoldi – php developer or saviour of the universe?

Gedi and Hans

Gedi and Hans

Gediminas (Gedi) Burinskis – php developer or space cowboy?

Alexis and Chewbacca

Alexis and Chewbacca

Alexis Pratsides – Director or Wookiee?

Speak your mind :)

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