How do you solve a problem like myhomepage?

myhomepage is an internet startup that has used seed funding to develop an attractive, useful and innovative bookmarking and password management website application that helps consumers all over the world.

The product has been well received with registered users proving to be fans and advocates of the technology.

myhomepage - personal password management and bookmarking

myhomepage - personal password management and bookmarking

The problem

However, the team now know that they are now entering what is potentially the hardest part of their start-up journey. Much of the seed investment has gone on developing the product. The team now have to focus their attention towards marketing the product, but with little budget remaining it needs to be a boot-strapped exercise.

Potential investors have set the ‘active user’ target at 50,000 before they will release the second round of investment capital that is so badly needed to move the business on to the next level.

The current number of active users is 5000 and with minimal marketing impact thus far, new user registrations are running at just 15 a-day which is 5% of the average number of new and unique visitors that arrive at the site each day, but the 300 new and unique visitors that arrive at the site each day has been static since inception.

To make matters even more challenging the business has been set the challenge of achieving 50,000 myhomepage users within just 6-months.

At the current conversion rate the site will only achieve another 2700 registered users – leaving the business to fall far short of the target that is so badly needed for further investment.

myhomepage – the second coming

The team have resolved to fight-back against their predicament.

Over the last few weeks the founders have re-focussed the direction of the business towards marketing the existing benefits of the product whilst making stinging cut-backs on overheads and product development.

Money has now been re-focussed on an all out attempt to raise the profile of the business, drive up the number of website visitors and haul-in the thousands of new registered users that will see the business win the investment that they need to survive.

myhomepage need YOU

In 6-months myhomepage must get 50,000 registered users. At current conversion rates this means getting one million new and unique visitors to the website over the next 180-days, this means an average of 5,500 users per day versus a current average of just 300.

There are two members of staff, one trained in SEO and the other is a content writer. There is no money for ad-words or any other form of paid for advertising.

There is scope for organic SEO, viral marketing, blog marketing, social network marketing and guerrilla marketing.

Which of these avenues should myhomepage pursue? What should the angle be? Are there any other avenues that myhomepage should follow?

Read more on the team of friends behind myhomepage.

For further information on myhomepage please contact Max Aengevelt ( or Massimo Agostinelli (

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