Looking Forward

Journal of an American Intern

Paris and Beyond

Wow, it seems like this internship and study abroad experience has gone by really really fast. It seems like I have hardly been here! I’ve done a lot of exciting things in London, at MintTwist and around Europe and I have loved it. Here at MintTwist I have written a lot, which I never really enjoyed before but now I have realized that I don’t hate writing if it’s creative writing. All those papers that I have to do in the next five days before I leave don’t seem that tough any more.

Now that I have been with MintTwist for about five weeks, I can tell that the company is really going somewhere fast. The vibrant, youthful and fun attitude which is portrayed through www.minttwist.com is representative of the people working here, and the direction they want to go in. In addition to being a fun and eager company, they have the right opportunities coming their way to do something really impressive in the future. I’m excited to see where the company is going and I will definitely be following up. Did I mention MintTwist is on Facebook!?

I also got to go to Paris last weekend. I have wanted to go for so long! It was beautiful, but I think it looks better in pictures for some reason. I also wish I knew French because it was not easy to communicate, even with the people who spoke English. My favourite thing there was the Louvre which I only got to see for an hour and a half because it was closing. I would have gone there just to see the building if there wasn’t eve art in it. It’s so big and so nice and I can’t wait to go back someday and spend a whole day there. That’ll have to wait until I’m rich one day though.

Anyway, this is my last entry. London has been great and so has MintTwist. I will keep my eye out for all the good things to come from MintTwist and I can’t wait to see the USA site up…



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