Web Design Vacation

Journal of an American Intern

Oh my, this weekend was the craziest I have had yet, and arguably ever. All I have to say is thank God they speak English in Dublin. We got to Dublin at about midnight, and took a cab straight to the hostel which was hidden away not too close to down town. After we finally found it, we were told that we couldn’t stay there because we had booked incorrectly. Oh joy, here we are dead tired after working and travelling on a Thursday night without a place to stay! Uh oh.

Luckily we had an extremely nice and helpful cab driver who was able to tell us some other places we could stay. After a €60 cab ride and a couple unsuccessful inquiries for a room, we found another hostel to stay in. It was actually way nicer than I ever expected a hostel to be; we had four beds and our own bathroom! We were so relieved. We wanted to stay there again because it was really close to the centre of the city and obviously was very nice. So we asked the place we had mis-booked if we could cancel, and they said yes and that we would only loose our deposit of €40. Sounds great. So we booked the nicer one nearer to city centre and paid. I felt so happy and relieved.

Then we called the other place to cancel, and were told that we couldn’t and we would have to pay for that night. It was really frustrating and since we don’t have tons of money, we had to cancel the nicer place and walk a couple miles to the next place, which ended up being a college dorm that stunk like old take-out food and didn’t have working showers. Yay!

We finally got to go out in the city and begin our day at about 1:00. We saw the Dublin Castle which was the weirdest “castle” I have ever seen; it had modern buildings attached and colourful painted exterior walls. Anyway, part of the point we went to Dublin was to meet one of my best friends from home who has been studying in France this summer. Once we met up we ate, and then went out for the night. It was a great night.

The next day we walked to the Guinness factory in the rain, got literally soaked, and waited in line for an hour to walk through a building, not a factory, which simply promoted the Guinness brand. What? I was expecting something much different but that’s OK because its one of those places you “have to go.” After that we went to dinner which was a huge meal – three courses! I was so excited until my friend had a panic attack and we had to leave to go to the emergency room. He’s OK now, but it was a pretty intense situation at the time. And now we know how the health system works there, which is very different from America. I saw a women collapse in the waiting room and no one even cared. My friend was crying and freaking out on the ground and no one cared. I saw people who looked terrible and clearly needed help who had been there for 6 hours and would be waiting for who knows how long. After we were there for three hours and were told it would probably be six more, my friend tried to get it together and said we should leave. And that is my Dublin story. It was a mess but it was really fun as well.

Here at MintTwist I’ve been creating templates and documents to help before and after projects and to gain feedback from customers. I can’t believe it but after this week it will only be one more week here! Next week I’m going to Paris so watch out for that entry cause it’ll be the last.

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