Stonehenge and Bath

Journal of an American Intern

Last weekend I got to go to Stonehenge and Bath, both of which were very interesting and unlike anything I have seen before. I have heard that Stonehenge was awe-inspiring, and while it was impressive I was surprised I didn’t find it more fascinating. I was also surprised that it is just off of a main road. It was weird because we were suddenly there, right next to Stonehenge. It was really cool and I am glad that I got to see it, but I do not think I will go back.

Next we were off to Bath, which I knew little about. Immediately upon arriving I loved the architecture and atmosphere. It felt very old and home-like. Not that where I’m from looks anything like that, it just felt cosy. We went on a walking tour through the city and learned the history and stories of Bath. It was beautiful; there were lots of flowers and well-groomed gardens because apparently they enter a contest every year for having the best gardens. Then we went to the Roman Baths which were humid and dirty looking. Seemed like it would have been an amazing place during Roman times but now it’s in decay and looks pretty sketch (sketch, or sketchy is the American word for dodgy BTW). They say that the water from the spring can heal anything so I drank some, but since I wasn’t sick or anything the jury is still out on that one.

My time here at MintTwist is still going well. I enjoy the meetings on Monday mornings because I like to listen and know what’s going on around the office. That’s one thing I think some businesses fail at—basically communicating by having regular meetings to discuss what’s going on. Note number two: if I ever have a desktop computer again I have to get two huge screens. I think that’s all for now, I’m going to Dublin this weekend so I gotta get going!! I can’t wait to write about that next week.

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