My Feelings on Branding

Journal of an American Intern

It’s my second week in London. I love that the temperature here isn’t too hot, but the cloudy sky is getting really depressing. Pittsburgh is known to be cloudy and depressing but this feels much worse! They say it’s supposed to get sunny soon. Can’t wait! Anyway, right now I’m learning a lot about MintTwist, what they’re all about and what they are good at. MintTwist has created a really cool brand which they have reflected through their website. I happen to be very interested in branding so I’m excited to be able to work here. Maybe my interest in brands comes from being American where we are obsessed with brand names and material goods. Branding is definitely an effective way of selling products.

Website design is really a modern way of reflecting a company’s brand and image to their audience. So in a way MintTwist is more than a Web Design Agency, they are like a marketing company as well. Some of the work I have been doing has been creating questionnaires for new clients to gather information. One of them was a Branding Questionnaire which I found to be particularly pertinent for a few reasons; I love branding, I think all companies should have a clear brand identity, and I think MintTwist should become more involved in branding their clients.

In a way, it is necessary for a company to have a strong brand identity before creating a website, because if they do not have a sense of self how can MintTwist create a website which reflects their spirit? In addition this brand which we reflect on their website needs to be carried throughout their company with print work, business cards etc. So when a client comes to MintTwist I think that we should help them develop, update, or create a brand image, then create a website which reflects that, and then complete the project with matching business cards and letterheads etc. Obviously I’m sort of an idealist, and that is definitely an ideal, so take it for what its worth. I think I got that ‘full service’ attitude from working in retail where they would tell us to “complete the sale” by getting customers to buy basically anything and everything and then opening a credit card at the register. I don’t really appreciate that attitude because it feels really corporate and pushy, but in terms of branding I believe in it because brands should be all-encompassing. In short, I love brands and the creation of them.

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