First Week in London

Journal of an American Intern

Hello, my name is Tommy and I am an American student studying abroad in London and interning at MintTwist, a Web Design Agency in North London. I attend the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania where I am studying Communication and Economics. Many people have never heard of Pittsburgh, but you probably just didn’t know you have, because it’s where Heinz Ketchup is made! I love ketchup… but that’s not what I’m here to discuss; I am writing this blog to chronicle my experience as an intern at MintTwist! But, no worries this blog won’t be strictly business, I will also include stories from my personal life and the trips I will be taking to Stonehenge, Bath, Dublin and Paris!

I’ve been waiting 5 years to come back to London, and I have finally arrived!! I am so excited, and really exhausted, but to be totally honest London isn’t the place I always dreamed of studying abroad. Trinity College in Dublin is where I’ve dreamt of studying. But that’s not what happened! So why am I here, you ask? Because I also love London, and I think I want to move abroad one day (possibly to London) and if I wanted to see what it would be like to work in the UK. After all, if I was going to move to a different continent, it would be helpful to have had working experience there, cause if I didn’t I would probably be homeless. In short, the opportunity to have an internship in London was too good to be true and when I found out I could I knew this was what I wanted to do!

Now that I’ve settled down and done all that orientation stuff, I’ve begun my internship at MintTwist. In case you have been speed reading or haven’t been paying attention, MintTwist is not a drink… it’s a Web Design Agency! My mom said it sounded like a beverage, it does, and I think that’s the point, its refreshing! It’s a cool name, (people don’t say ‘cool’ here do they?) and it makes you take another look and ask who are you MintTwist? I’ll tell you what I know… which is what I’ve seen on Besides that I am researching Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like none other and trying to get used to my new life for six weeks.

My first impression from the site was that MintTwist was a young, vibrant and creative company. I loved what I saw because I felt like it seemed like a quirky, fun company. Those who know me well might (I mean would probably) describe me that way. So I was happy to be interning at this place called MintTwist. Now that I am here sitting in the office I can tell you what MintTwist is like behind the beautifully designed website. You must want to know if the website is reflective of the actual company, right? If not, skip this and go to the next entry.

The atmosphere at MintTwist is actually very similar to the website; the company is busy, energetic and of course, creative. That’s not to say that the website is ‘busy’ though, it’s very well laid out! But what more would you expect from a company that designs websites which are reflective of their organizations? I am excited to be working for such a young, energetic company because there is a positive attitude and an eagerness to expand the business to new markets and regions of the world. Eagerness and excitement in a business is really important to me because there is nothing worse than working for a company which isn’t excited about its work. That can be truly miserable and boring. MintTwist is not that kind of place, and that is refreshing.

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