MintTwist launches WordPress Blog

MintTwist is pleased to announce the launch of their new WordPress blog!

WordPress is a powerful blogging tool that has taken the Internet by storm and it feels right that MintTwist should become a part of it.

With the launch of the MintTwist Weblog comes a fantastic opportunity to blog about our trials and tribulations with our web design projects, as well as the views of the team regarding current Web trends and issues.

MintTwist is a website design and development agency based in North London, with a new office in Northampton. We develop websites from the ground up, as well as refreshing existing sites.

Our close relationship with our clients has proved that we can work with a vast array of people and organisations, both large and small.

It is with excitement that MintTwist launches this blog, and we hope you enjoy it to.

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