About this Blog

‘Refreshing the Web’ was created and is supported by MintTwist, an International Digital Agency working on providing web design and web marketing services for clients.

Refreshing the Web is an open forum for publishing insights into web design, web marketing and current Internet related issues.  The content is the creation of MintTwist people, associates and third-party contributors.  The views expressed are completely their own and are un-edited by MintTwist.

About MintTwist

MintTwist is headquartered in London, England with offices in the Switzerland, Portugal and the UAE.  MintTwist help businesses to increase sales leads from target customer groups in markets across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  MintTwist do this for clients by designing, managing and executing tailored web marketing strategies that are focussed on delivering USP’s and target messages to target customer groups in a manner that will increase the number of targeted sales leads that our clients receive.

Behind the web marketing strategy is a series of proven process driven methodologies of web design and web marketing that incorporate a multitude of sales channels including SEO, blogs, forums, email marketing, and social network marketing (twitter, LinkedIn, facebook etc).

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